About us

Who we are

E-wool is a small family business started in 2017. Our business provides good quality and great value sheep and alpaca wool products, that we have fallen in love with ourselves and felt it is our duty to share their great value and benefits with others.

We understand how important are little things that surround us in our busy, stressful daily lives. These little things could be anything from a warm cup of relaxing tea, to cozy slipper boots, that wrap up feet in softness, wiping out all the tiredness after a long day. These little, cozy things, that surround us and all together create a feeling of “home” bring us comfort and feeling of safety, which helps us relax and unwind. That is why we understand the importance of those things and have decided to provide good quality wool products, that help us surround ourselves with feeling of comfort, calmness, happiness and love.


Our Products

Our products are made of two types – soft and cozy Alpaca sheep wool and warm Merino sheep wool. To find out more about the benefits of each, please follow this link to product description and our blog: We provide three main brands – Tartan, Diamond, Sabbia and Merino. Please follow the link for description of each brand and its products.


Our Service

Product quality, high customer service and care has always been our priority and are the main pillars that our business is based on. We value every single client and do our best to make our clients feel happy with the purchased products and are always ready to go an extra mile.